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Nowadays, cities and regions face numerous challenges.

Progressive urbanization and the challenges it poses, including infrastructure, mobility and energy, are affecting almost all areas of society.

A rethink of consumption, resources and the environment is more necessary than ever. However, this requires a lot of data that must be collected, processed, visualized and further used to address issues such as the following:

"Smart Cities & Smart Regions are committed to sustainable & integrated urban development"


The digital transformation offers cities, districts and municipalities opportunities on the path of sustainable development and aims at the resource-saving, demand-oriented solution of the central challenges of urban development.

* The Smart City Charter supports the implementation of the German Sustainability Strategy and the realisation of the global sustainability goals of the United Nations' Agenda 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals).

What is Digital Transformation?

Creating new value - from existing and new urban data 

Digital data as the basis for new value creation

raw materials for new value-added services in the areas:
  • Light signalling systems
  • Real-time geodata from public transport and railways
  • Integrated multifunctional street lighting
  • Real-time geodata from sharing providers (car, eBike, bicycle, eScooter)
  • So called "Floating Car Data" of vehicle fleets
  • APP-based geodata

Economic cycle "Digital data streams"

Creation of "smart data" using platforms with the following characteristics:
  • Low latency times
  • Forecasting ability
  • Openness
  • Security
  • Standardized

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