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Our Approach

The basis of our approach is [ui!] UrbanPulse,  
based on an Open Urban Data Platform.

Based on [ui!] UrbanPulse, sensor and other real-time data are collected from different data sources and as the
"pulse of the city" in all relevant areas as data-based value-added services processed, analysed and visualised.

Current Connector Overview

Below is a reference list of some of the connections already available in [ui!] UrbanPulse. Please note that some connectors require additional fees and third-party licenses:

1. ABT Parking Ticketing Systems
2. Acoem Duo 01db (Noise sensors)
3. AGT (Video analytics pedestrian recognition)
4. Alperia IoT Hub (cloud-to-cloud connector)
5. AQMesh (Air quality data)
6. Aquiba Water Meter Systems
7. BigBelly (Smart Trash bins)
8. Birtinya Parking (Smart Parking)
9. (Floating Car Data)
10. Brisbane Parking (Parking occupancy data)
11. Brisbane Traffic (Traffic detector data)
12. Brunata (Heating meter)
13. Cairns Smart Parking System
14. Cambio (Car sharing platform)
15. Chargecloud (Charging data)
16. Cisco Meraki (Smart WiFi Systems)
17. Civento (Construction Sites)
18. Clean City Networks (Waste bin data)
19. Cleverciti (Parking Management)
20. Cologne Parking (Parking garages data)
21. Cologne Traffic (Traffic flow data, Traffic Obstructions)
22. Comark Laser Scanner (Bike detection sensors)
23. Connctd (Smart Home System)
24. Crossfleet (Car sharing platform)
25. CSV Data
26. DFKI onboard Unit (Car Telemetry Interface)
27. e-sensio urban SmartBox (Environmental Sensors)
28. Eluminocity (Charging data)
29. ENBW Environmental Sensing
30. ENBW EV Charger
31. Enevo (Waste bin data)
32. Feratel (Event Calendar)
33. FHEM (Smart Home System)
34. FlexDB (Energy data management system)
35. FLIR Flux (Traffic Camera Server System)
36. Floodmon (Flood Monitoring System)
37. GroupAlarm Alarm notification system for mission critical operations
38. GTFS (Public transport data)
39. HAMIS (Harbor information system)
40. Homee Smart Home
41. KairosDB (Timeseries Database Connector)
42. Kerlink LoRa IoT Station (LoRaWAN Gateway)
43. KVB (Public transport station data)
44. LanUV (NRW environment data)
45. Las Vegas Traffic (Traffic detector & signal state data)
46. Libelium Plug&Sense Smart City (Sensor devices)
47. Libelium Plug&Sense Smart Environment (Sensor devices)
48. Libelium Plug&Sense Smart Environment Pro (Sensor devices)
49. LuenNi (Niedersachsen environment data)
50. LuenNi (Pulls xml data provided by
51. manageE (per second energy meter)
52. Marine traffic (Ship monitoring system)
53. Modality (Container management system)
54. Modbus
55. MOL Bubi (Hungarian bike sharing platform)
56. Mr Fill (Smart Trash bins)
57. Netatmo (Environmental Sensors)
58. nextbike (Bike sharing platform)
59. NXP (RFID tag data)
60. NYC Traffic (Traffic detector & signal state data)
61. OCIT-C (Standard for Traffic Management Systems)
62. OCPI Last Mile Solutions EV charging
63. One M2M (cloud-to-cloud connector)
64. OpenWeatherMap (Weather data)
65. OWLET Nightshift (Luminaire status and energy consumption data)
66. Philips City Touch (Smart Lighting)
67. Purple Air (Environmental Sensors)
68. Purple Wifi (Smart WiFi System)
69. Ruckus (Smart WiFi System)
70. RUDIS (cloud-to-cloud connector)
71. Scheer (Energy management)
72. Screen scraper (Data extraction from websites)
73. SENTRON (Power Distribution)
74. SIEMENS (Traffic Management Systems)
75. Sm!ght (Smart lamp post)
76. Sustainder Brokerage (Smart Lighting)
77. SWARCO KR (Traffic Management System)
78. SWARCO TMS (Traffic Management System)
79. Swisstraffic (Traffic detector data)
80. Tüga Plusportal (Smart Wifi System)
81. TVILIGHT (Smart Lighting)
82. Vaisala (Environment – receives pushed data)
83. VDH (Traffic counting & video)
84. Viom Floating Car Data(FCD)
85. WaveScape (Crowd based sound measurement platform)
86. Wordpress (Newsfeed)
87. YellowMap (Charging stations in Germany)
Zeta (Charging controller)

Below is a reference list of some of the connections already available in [ui!] UrbanPulse. Please note that some connectors require additional fees and third-party licenses:

Further connectors are currently under development...

Data sovereignty requires an integrated, open and real-time data platform with analysis tools.

[ui!] Approach

Support of SMART Cities / Regions / Countries in the implementation of the set goals and in the digital transformation

We collect, process and analyse urban data and thus provide concrete new services as added value for cities, municipalities and utility companies

These solutions are based on an open and urban data platform - the [ui!] UrbanPulse - where data from a city's various IT systems are fed into the system so that they can be used for new Smart City services in real time.

Using a large number of connectors, we are able to link the most diverse IT systems with each other in such a way that all the information of a city can be used and made visible, while at the same time the data sovereignty remains with the respective provider. The platform thus not only provides integrated access to urban data, it also prevents the risk of data misuse.

We support you in your digital transformation!

We are also available for demonstrations at our branches in the U.S., Berlin, Darmstadt, Munich, Walldorf or Chemnitz.

We are also available for demonstrations at your location.

[ui!] UrbanPulse

- the Open Smart City Platform for local authorities

  • bringing your raw data together into one place
  • transorming your data into smart data
  • creating actionable insights and valuable information
  • breaking through vendor lock-in and data siloes

Would you like to know more about our solutions?

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